About Najee

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Who is Najee Smith?

Najee (also known as D’Najee Smith) is a young entrepreneur, a college student, an athlete, a Certified Personal Trainer, and an Online trainer. Najee Smith got his start in fitness thanks to his athletic family background. Najee’s passion for fitness is what also kick-started his career as an entrepreneur. This significantly impacted him and inspired him to eventually pursue a career in changing lives through personal training and nutrition.


Najee is the Owner/Founder of Diamond Nutrition and Najee Fitness.


Growing up, he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Outside of playing sports professionally, he wanted to be a business owner. Najee always loved business, and as he got older, learned more about business, it began to fuel his desire to create his own business. He loves how business works and the creativity that comes with it.